Bloomington Normal STEM Initiative

BNExplorer is a community wide program designed to identify STEM concepts all around us.  For some, the opportunities to have early educational experiences with hands-on opportunities in STEM are simply not there. We want to help open the doors of opportunity for all youth in McLean County. Through this program, local high school Girls in STEM club members identify locations throughout the city, create activities for Pre-K through 8th grade students, record videos answering exploratory questions regarding, and establish connections with local organizations and businesses.  Partnering with Girls in STEM clubs not only promotes and uplifts girls already in STEM, but also creates role models for our younger generation. 
Each month, a new Explorer Guide that includes the previously mentioned activities.  Explorer Guides will be posted on BNSTEM available for download.  The missions in the BNSTEM Explorer Guide are aimed at helping participants discover the STEM that lies within their own community.   First time participants will also receive a BNExplorer ID and lanyard.  

Participants complete the missions, document their findings, and share their stories with us via social media using #BNEXPLORER.  Once they have completed all the missions in their monthly Explorer Guide, they would take it, along with their explorer badge to one of the Explorer Check In Stations (community organization partners: ie library, etc) Staff members will review the booklet and provide participants with their hard earned STEM badge to be placed on the back of their BNExplorer ID. Participants can collect prizes with badges earned!