Register Your Student for the free EKG Screening Program

Dear Parent(s),


I have exciting news to share regarding an opportunity for our students to participate in a cardiac screening that will be held at our school on Wednesday, September 12th. The Young Hearts for Life is the organization that will be conducting the EKG screening program. The screening will take place in the gym, similar to how a blood drive is conducted. All students that attend our school can participate. All we need is for a parent or guardian to register the student and complete the permission slip. We encourage you to register your student online at



The EKG screens for risk factors associated with sudden cardiac death (SCD).  Please see the parent letter and information sheet attached for more information.  We want to give every student at Heyworth High School an opportunity for this free screening.  The EKG’s are read onsite by a cardiologist specially trained in identifying risk factors of SCD.

From, go to “Registration and Events” and click on “Registration and Results.”  From there click on central Illinois events.  Select permission button at the bottom of this page and then fill in your student’s information.  For Student ID, use MM/DD/YYYY.  Select Heyworth in the form under the school drop down.  Save your confirmation email as you will need it to open screening results. I hope you take advantage of this awesome opportunity. Please know there will be no cost for our students to participate in the screening.


Brian D. Bradshaw
Director of Special Projects