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Emergency Communications


School Closings

In the event school is cancelled or dismissed early for any reason, parents will be contacted through School Messenger. Please check local media and the District Facebook Page for updates on school closings. Parents are strongly encouraged to have an emergency plan in place in the event school is cancelled or dismissed early in an emergency.


School Messenger Information


Heyworth School District utilizes SchoolMessenger for the vast majority of its communications with parents, faculty and staff.




You can expect messages in the form of phone calls, emails and text messages from the SchoolMessenger system. There will still be some automated messages from skyward, however the majority of school correspondence will be sent via the SchoolMessenger system moving forward.

The first SchoolMessenger message you will receive will be an email with an opt-in/opt-out attachment explaining how family members can receive text messages from SchoolMessenger when they are broadcasted.


Please click on the attachment below to view the PDF instructing users on how to sign up to receive these messages.