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Heyworth CUSD#4 Classroom Volunteer Information

 Heyworth CUSD#4 welcomes the talent and skills of individuals who are interested in volunteering their time to assist with accomplishing the district’s overall goals and objectives – “To Educate our Students”.  Effective with the 2015-2016 school year, it is a district requirement that volunteers who may have the potential for direct, unsupervised contact with students must be screened.  These volunteer roles would include tutors, mentors, classroom assistants, library assistants, and field trip chaperones.  The purpose of the classroom volunteer policy is to support and encourage school volunteers while maintaining an ample level of safety and security in Heyworth CUSD#4.

To be a classroom volunteer or chaperone at Heyworth CUSD#4:

  • Print the “Volunteer Information Packet”  
  • These packets are also available at the following places:
    • Heyworth Elementary School Office  (after August 3rd)
    • Heyworth Junior High/High School Office  (after August 3rd)
    • Unit Office
  • Complete the ‘Volunteer Application Form’ and the ‘Disclosure and Authorization Form’ and return to the Unit Office (308 W Cleveland Street  Heyworth, Il  61745).  The cost to be screened is $8 and will need to be renewed annually.  Checks can be made out to Heyworth CUSD#4.
  • Upon approval, you will receive a letter of approval.  Your Volunteer ID card can then be picked up at the office of the school where you will be volunteering.