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Health Services

The purpose of this posting is to provide guidance to our school community about reporting and responding to both symptoms and exposure to COVID-19.  If there are changes throughout this situation, we will update these documents if changes occur. 


Commitments that are necessary to keep our students in school and provide the greatest potential of a successful year.

  1. Commit to the daily check of wellness.  When students or staff do not feel well, they should stay home and follow the appropriate protocols.  If the illness is unrelated to COVID-19, the absence should be reported as expected in the past.
  2. No one should come to school with a fever.  Even in the absence of COVID-19, anyone with a fever should stay home.  A student or staff member should be fever free for 24 hours.  That condition must be accomplished without the benefit of a fever reducing medication.
  3. The current IDPH guidance prescribes that a student or staff member demonstrating "any" symptom of COVID-19 should be excluded and stay at home for 10-days.  We all know that we are entering the Spring allergy season.  Anyone who is troubled by allergies knows that the symptoms they experience are similar to those who experience COVID-19 symptoms.  We are suggesting that you have proactive conversations with your family physician to determine the best way to differentiate between the typical rhythm of your wellness and the challenges of COVID-19.  Predictably, we will have students who come to school coughing or congested this fall.  When we call parents to come pick them up because of being COVID symptomatic, we will be told that they have allergies and they cough every year at this time.  In the absence of that proactive conversation with your pediatrician, we will be forced to exclude the student until the "alternative diagnosis" is confirmed.  Please be proactive in this effort so that your children can remain in school.
  4. Communicate with the School District in the event that there is an exposure to a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19, as well as being symptomatic of COVID-19.  You can report to your respective building office, Heyworth Elementary 309-473-2822, Heyworth Junior/Senior High School 309-473-2322