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Setting up E-mail on Cell Phone

Exchange Setup

Below are a lot of instructions for using Exchange and accessing your E-mail, contacts, and calendars.  If you don’t see that it was imported follow the directions below to export your contacts or calendars from GroupWise to Exchange.  You don’t have to read more if you don’t want to, but there are many different reference/help parts below. Please note that this will not be active will sometime this weekend.  You will know when GroupWise goes off-line if you have a phone connected to your account.  After that point Exchange will start collecting messages and should be accessible via the ways below, but that does not mean your mail has been moved yet.  Moving mail could take a few hours to a few days. I strongly suggest that you use the webmail function to start with.  I will need to clean up computers so GroupWise does not get in the way.  There is also a difference in contact lists if you use Outlook vs. Web access. If you get stuck and can’t get ahold of me there is tons of information on everything about Exchange on the Internet.
Access Webmail To Access Webmail go to

Use your username and password that you would use to logon to a computer with. DON’T click on the Use the blind and low vision experience. 

Using Outlook In the building you can use GroupWise, but there is one little snag.  GroupWise likes to take over computers once it is installed.  If you open Outlook right now it will pull up your GroupWise account, but you need to open your Outlook account.  Follow these steps and it will remove GroupWise and let you start working with Outlook.   

1.       Click on the Windows Button (Start Button – Lower Left Hand Corner)

2.       Click on Control Panel

3.       Click on Mail

4.       Click on Show Profiles

5.       Make sure GroupWise is selected and click the remove button.

6.       Click OK

7.       Close the Control Panel

8.       Start Outlook

9.       It should auto configure your profile for you. 

Basic Outlook Help

Configure your phone Your device may pick up these setting automatically, but in case you need them. 

Important settings for all devices

Username – your computer username

Password – your computer password

Domain – husd4 or

Server –

E-mail address –



Windows Phone