eLearning Plan

eLearning Program (updated for extended closure):

Our eLearning Program has already been approved by the Heyworth School Board, and we have used three days this school year. The language below has been modified to reflect a potential extended closure due to COVID-19.

How will a Digital Learning Day work?

On these days, teachers will post assignments, lessons, and enrichment activities to parents and students by 9 am on the district website at www.husd4.org. Staff will be available via email to answer questions as they arise from 9am to 2pm. Teachers will be encouraged to use video to introduce daily plans and new curriculum during an extended closure. Families will be encouraged to submit assignments to teachers via electronic means if possible. Packets or alternative assignments will be provided to families who have limited or no technology access.

Students enrolled in courses taught by Heartland Community College professors will follow guidelines established by Heartland; for example, if Heartland moves all courses to online format, HHS students will complete their coursework online. 


What will the assignments look like?

All teachers will develop experiences that are grade level appropriate and ideally a continuation of what is currently being taught in the classroom. Many of our students are already engaged in digital platforms for classes utilizing Google classroom. In these cases, teachers will simply assign experiences as though the students were in attendance. 


Will students that cannot complete the work be penalized?

We will not penalize students who do not have technology access to complete assigned work. Families should contact their child’s teacher or principal immediately if technology access will be an issue. All students will be responsible for the 5 hours of school work they have been assigned on a digital day. Teachers will follow up with students who do not submit their work to find out how we can help. We will work with families to provide alternative assignments that do not require technology and time to make up work before and after school if needed. 


In the event of an extended closure, students should take all necessary items home with them (computers, textbooks, calculators, etc.). Families should email the building principal with any requests to pick up any needed items students left at school; we cannot guarantee that families will be able to pick up any items during an extended closure but we will do our best. 


Will this be our policy moving forward?

Our eLearning program has been approved for 3 years. However, we realize that this is a new change, and we will be determining what works best for us. We reserve the right to discontinue this practice if necessary. That being said, we are excited about this opportunity to expose students to blended learning and more choices in the school work to be completed.