Rebecca Stanton » Guidance


Welcome to the Heyworth High School Guidance Page! I'm in my third year at Heyworth after working as a family therapist.  As the counselor for grades 7-12, my responsibilities are widespread.  Academically, I support students in the classroom (e.g., doing grade check-ins, demonstrating techniques to improve focus, teaching time management skills, etc.).  Holistically, I provide crisis intervention, make referrals to outside support organizations, and meet with students as needed (e.g., mediating peer conflicts, teaching coping skills, etc.).  I also provide college and career guidance including standardized test prep.  My favorite part of the job is getting to know students individually, and I love the opportunity to help students explore interests and develop longterm goals.
I can be reached directly at 309-473-2322 ext 1905 or